The T+i (Technology and Innovation) services of COTERENA’s Monitoring Department are aimed at achieving non-invasive processes that allow the study and understanding of the equipment analysed without operational loss, improving performance and offering mechanical and energy efficiency and effectiveness solutions.

The studies and work conducted within the T+i nomenclature cover three areas of action:


Measurement procedures of parameters and indicators that enable onboard and onshore personnel to better operate the equipment, optimise consumption and mechanical performance, and fulfil protocols and international legislation.

Global data recording and interpretation makes the monitoring service a vital tool for improving and optimising technical and energy capacities, as well as improving the lifespan of on-board equipment.

Power measurement

Gas measurement

Vibration study

Noise analysis

Process monitoring

Industrial videoscopy


These services are oriented towards guaranteeing the correct equipment assembly in mechanical installations. They allow the alignment of housings, shafts and flatness; useful for equipment installation, reassembly and maintenance.

Laser line-up

Preload Alignment


Preparation and advice on international Energy Efficiency certifications: SEEMP, CEI; environmental quality: NOx (with RINA certification); as well as energy audits and advice on the processing of certificates required following changes, equipment updates, flags or requirements derived from national and international organisations.

Environmental and Energy Verification

Institutional Indicators

Ballast Water Management