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What is Argos?

The ARGOS monitoring and recording system allows the analysis, evaluation and improvement of a ship’s navigation conditions.

Through real-time monitoring of the consumption and mechanical performance of the propulsion system, auxiliary generators and complementary recording modules, the ARGOS equipment offers optimisation solutions for Energy and Mechanical Efficiency aimed at improving the performance and conditions for efficient navigation.

Monitoring and Recording

Everything under control

The ARGOS system is designed to monitor and record variables including:

Consumption Ranges

Litres/hour, Litres/mile, Specific consumption, Estimated and accumulated fuel consumptions

Effective power

Effective shaft power of the main engine, as well as its relation to the different engine parameters.

Propulsion system status

Torque, rpm, charge air pressure, propeller pitch, rack and pinion ratio, temperatures, etc...

Customisable reading modules

Cold chamber and tunnel temperatures, bunkering, cooling water PH...

Navigation history

In order to establish Efficient Navigation parameters.

Energy Efficiency Calculation

SEEMP (IMO), SNV (EU), Energy Audits (RD 56/2016)...

Benefits of the ARGOS system

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  • Real-time knowledge of the effective fuel consumption of the propulsion system and auxiliary engines on board.
  • Power status information of the main engine in relation to the vessel’s parameters and actual fuel consumption.
  • Mechanical operating records of the propulsion system (and auxiliary engines): torque, thrust, rpm, charge air pressure, pitch order, engine load, navigation speed, etc…
  • Capability to detect possible deviations in combustion processes.
  • Energy Efficiency status observation of the system for the selection of the optimal navigation conditions.
  • Creation of navigation histories for the establishment of Efficient Navigation parameters.
  • Sending and recording of navigation data to terminals external to the vessel.
  • EEOI calculation for the optimisation of the ship’s SEEMP and environmental stain recording oriented towards international environmental compliance.

Argos Catalogue

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