ARGOS Main Module

The ARGOS equipment has a scalable structure in the number of signals supported, which allows a configuration in predefined Modules, or customer-configured, which enables a scaled growth of the system according to the needs of the ship, or the Administration or Logistics departments’ requests.

The basic working configuration of ARGOS is structured on the basis of the following elements:

Registration System

Flexible, high-performance certified PLC for marine use, prepared for compiling different types of signals (analogue, digital, positioning or network signals).

Visualisation system

Through HMI touch screens, it allows an intuitive communication with the ARGOS data management, displaying real time values of the different configured registers in the system.

Analysis software

The Analysis Software generates pre-established navigation conditions graphs, along with the creation of Excel databases for subsequent management and interpretation.

The generated databases over time, enable the study of potential deviations of the propulsion and generator system, generating calculation values in order to develop Energy Efficiency indicators.

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