ARGOS Main Engine Module

Propulsion system consumption

This module is structured around a fuel consumption monitoring and control system in relation to the navigation speed together with the rack and pinion pitch or pitch signal (depending on the variable or fixed pitch) of the Main Engine.

The M.E. Consumption Module allows the display and recording of:

  • Litres/hour
  • Litres/mile
  • Specific consumption
  • Estimated consumption
  • Accumulated consumption per route


The effective shaft power data, in relation to the speed and consumption of the vessel, provides a complete tool for understanding and optimising the use and maintenance of the propulsion system.

Shaft power readings are obtained through the installation of the COT02 torquemeter which obtains high precision readings, using strain gauges, of shaft torque (bending moment) and rpms.

Torsiometro COTV2
Torsiómetro COT02

Engine parameters

Control of the mechanical parameters of the Main Engine provides a centralised view of the different values that determine the proper functionality of the propulsion system.

A continuous monitoring offers both the analysis of the Main Engine behaviour during the different operation modes, as well as the study of the potential deviation from factory protocols, within the ship’s preventive mechanical strategy.

The Engine Parameters Module includes reading and recording of:

  • RPMs
  • Rack rate
  • Pitch Signal
  • Charge air pressure
  • Charge air temperature
  • Exhaust gas temperature after turbo

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