ARGOS option modules

Freezing chambers and tunnels temperature

The cold module works as a concentrator of the different signals from the freezing chambers and tunnels, through its own temperature sensors or those of the vessel.

The system allows the display and recording of historical temperatures, in order to comply with quality and control standards for the cold chain (CCQI standard).


ARGOS rounds off its fuel monitoring service with a mass flow meter. This system removes refuelling related problems and ensures that air pockets are correctly considered in the measurement during the filling and emptying of the tanks.

Environmental indicators

The module includes a system for calculating and registering environmental control values established by International Institutions: EEOI (IMO), SNV (EU),…

Modules on request

The versatility of ARGOS lies in its modulation according to the needs of each customer. The system supports all types of signals, so its configuration can be set up specifically for each vessel.

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